Wonder Woman – Saving The Day Premium Format Statue


In-Store ETA 30/04/2024

Final Order Cut Off 02/04/2024

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“By my honor – NONE shall pass!”

Sideshow presents the Wonder Woman: Saving the Day Premium Format Figure, a DC Comics collectible showcasing the strength and heroism of the Amazonian princess.

The polystone Wonder Woman: Saving the Day Premium Format Figure measures 19.75″ tall and 15″ wide as Diana of Themyscira daringly defends a high security bank vault from enemy fire. She stands with her silver bracers crossed while deflecting incoming bullets, her expression focused and fearless. Wonder Woman’s black hair flows dramatically behind her as she leaves her foes with two options: make a reckless charge or a total withdrawal from this bank.

The Wonder Woman: Saving the Day Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted to capture the action and detail of this dynamic scene. Her red, blue, and gold costume is inspired by her comic book appearances throughout the ages and features detailed textures and weathering to give her a battle-ready appearance. Theatrical paint application gives the vault door the look of heated metal as semi-translucent bursts ricochet off the base.

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