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SERIES PREMIERE A NEW ONGOING SERIES PREMIERE FROM WYATT KENNEDY (BOLERO) & NEWCOMER LUIGI FORMISANO!  Supernatural creatures exist among the common folk, and America is comprised of just 31 states. It's 2003, and Vince Okonma has lost his parents and moved in with his secret mercenary cousin and his video game-making roommate when he befriends “the greatest vampire who’s ever lived.” And that’s just the first 20 pages. Welcome to Florida. A new vision of urban gothic adventure starts here! Youth is wasted on the young…

$11.20 (inc. GST)


It’s movie night with Gray, and Vince is taking the long way home. And there’s only one way back…through the mysterious woods. Now, all that waits for him is blood, teeth, and vintage cola. Stay outta the woods, lover boy.

$8.95 (inc. GST)


Ivory rekindles a past relationship while running from a toxic one! Matt decides to practice some self-care and has to get a lady's sex tape out of a VCR, Gray is haunted by violent visions, and Vince is...Vince is Vince. Beware the moon, everybody!

$9.20 (inc. GST)