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Newburn's list of allies is growing shorter, alienating police contacts and his employers at the Black Castle. And he'll need allies, soon, with a reporter on his tail. PLUS: Things heat up for the kid as he tries to find a single friend in "GO BACK" by BROTHERS & DRAGOTTA.

$8.95 (inc. GST)


Emily goes back to school for a deadly investigation and runs into the last person she wants to see. PLUS: In "GO BACK" by DRAGOTTA & BROTHERS, the kid finds a brief moment of peace and camaraderie before asking his boss for a favor.

$8.95 (inc. GST)


Who is Easton Newburn? The startling origin of New York’s most dangerous detective is finally revealed! But with all the cards on the table, is Emily still willing to back him? PLUS: The party enters the dragon’s lair in search of a score in"LOADED DICE" by AMY CHASE and FABIAN LELAY.

$9.20 (inc. GST)


NEW STORY ARC When Newburn is asked to investigate a missing mafioso, Emily begins to wonder how far he's willing to go for his work-and to protect himself. PLUS: the beginning of "GO BACK," a thrilling backup story from acclaimed artist NICK DRAGOTTA (EAST OF WEST, GHOST CAGE) and writer DAVID BROTHERS (Good Devils).

$8.95 (inc. GST)