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Avatar The Last Airbender – Toph Gallery PVC Statue

Air. Water. Fire. Earth. Each of the elements has a Bender, and the Earthbender has finally arrived!

$119.99 (inc. GST)

Critical Role – Scanlan Shorthalt (Vox Machina) Statue

"I'm known by different names in different places... Some call me Kingslayer. Some call me Scanlan. Some just call me when they want a good time." Sideshow presents the Scanlan Shorthalt - Vox Machina Statue, part of the Critical Role statue collection. This suave figure measures 9.37" tall as a fully sculpted, three-dimensional tribute to the party's spellcasting song-meister.

$429.99 (inc. GST)

Disney Villains – Ursula Iridescent US Exclusive Mini Backpack [RS]

US Exclusive: RESTRICTED SHIPPING - this item cannot be shipped to USA and Canada. Need somewhere to store some poor unfortunate souls, or maybe a seashell necklace? This new exclusive features one of the most iconic Disney villains of all time with iridescent tones and her mischievous sidekicks. The side pockets also feature the sea witch herself in full iridescent effect.

$149.99 (inc. GST)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 – Star-Lord 1:6 Scale Action Figure

"We were gone for quite a while, but no matter what happens next, the galaxy still needs its guardians." - Star-Lord Peter Quill is still heartbroken over the loss of his universe's Gamora after a number of year, but he and the gang from the Guardians must reunite for another outing to save their beloved friend! This epic adventure is promised be the most thrilling one of all times with tons of emotions here and there.

$469.99 (inc. GST)

Iron Maiden – Eddie Trooper PF Statue

"The bugle sounds, the charge begins..." Sideshow presents the Iron Maiden: The Trooper Eddie Premium Format Figure, the premiere collectible in our officially licensed series hailing the heavy metal legacy of Iron Maiden.

$1,199.99 (inc. GST)

Lilo & Stitch – Stitch Cosbaby XL

Remember the first time we met Stitch 20 years ago? Experiment 626 will forever be a cute and FLUFFY space invader in any galaxy! Today, Hot Toys is thrilled to presents an extra-large size Stitch Cosbaby! The blue cuddly companion opens its arms and ready to jump on you, wanting to give you a big hug after a long day! Collectible measures approximately 35 cm tall.

$239.99 (inc. GST)

Lilo & Stitch – Stitch with Turtle Pop! Vinyl

US Exclusive: RESTRICTED SHIPPING - this item cannot be shipped to USA and Canada. Stitch may be an unusual pet, but he has a heart of gold and always takes care of the Hawaiian wildlife!

$24.99 (inc. GST)

Marvel Comics – Doctor Doom PVC Gallery Statue

It's Victor Von Doom vs. prehistory in the newest Marvel Comic Gallery Diorama!

$129.99 (inc. GST)

Muppets – Backstage Deluxe Box Set

It's time to get things started again! Looking to fill gaps in your Muppets collection, or just give them a place to hang out between shows?

$179.99 (inc. GST)

Soccer – 2022/23 Chronicles Soccer Hobby Trading Cards

Chronicles Soccer returns for the 2022-23 Season with more than 15 Panini brands combined into one collection! Collect cards from all 20 Premier League teams from popular brands such as Prizm, Gold Standard and Phoenix!

$169.99 (inc. GST)

SpongeBob Squarepants – Best Friends US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl 2-Pack [RS]

US Exclusive: RESTRICTED SHIPPING - this item cannot be shipped to USA and Canada. All the way from under the sea, it's Pop! SpongeBob and Pop! Patrick in their matching "Best Friend" shirts!

$49.99 (inc. GST)

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Armorer Premier Collection Statue

This is the Way! The Mandalorian Armorer, worker of beskar and wielder of a deadly set of hammer and tongs, is now the newest Premier Collection statue from Gentle Giant LTD!

$399.99 (inc. GST)

Superman – Recovery Suit ONE:12 Collective Figure

"Don't let the outfit fool you. I'm Superman, and I'm back." Superman emerges from the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix and joins the One:12 Collective!

$179.99 (inc. GST)

The Hobbit – #15 Gardens Smial Hobbit Hole

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole. It was a Hobbit Hole, and that means comfort.

$79.99 (inc. GST)

The Matrix – Agent Smith Gallery PVC Statue

Hello, Mr. Anderson! Take the red pill and wake up to a new line of Matrix collectibles from Diamodn Select Toys!

$129.99 (inc. GST)

The Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks Bust

Straight from the deep woods of the Bangallan jungle comes this ‘The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks’ 26cm bust! As the world’s first ‘costumed superhero’, this new ‘The Phantom’ bust shows him in his most iconic purple outfit, complete with black mask and piercing white eyes.

$99.99 (inc. GST)

Toy Story 3 – Lotso with Strawberry (Velvet Hair) Cosbaby

Welcome to Sunnyside Daycare! The cuddly Lotso would like to have you to be part of the family! Once again capturing the cutest antagonist on Earth, Hot Toys is happy to present a velvet hair version of Lotso! Collectible measures 10 cm in height, crafted with soft velvet hair.

$49.99 (inc. GST)

Winnie the Pooh – Winnie the Pooh with Honey (Velvet Hair) Cosbaby

Hunny is all it takes to cheer up Winne the Pooh! Taking you to an adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood, Hot Toys presents this kind, caring and friendly Winnie the Pooh Cosbaby (Velvet Hair Version). Collectible measures 10 cm in height, crafted with soft velvet hair.

$49.99 (inc. GST)

WWE – 2023 Select WWE Hobby Trading Cards

Select WWE makes its highly anticipated return for 2023, featuring a wide variety of autographs, parallels, and inserts to chase!

$31.99 (inc. GST)