Misfitz Clubhouse


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Best friends Meeky and Stig, alongside their two animal companions, Ferry and Slothie, embark on everything from light-hearted shenanigans to the wildest adventures imaginable in this short story series. Pure fun and good-spirited hijinks abound! Aliens and pirates may only be as far away as a laundry basket, the old pinball machine in the garage, or as Kings and Queen of fable… But don’t think this is all make-believe. The kids’ imaginations are so grand that they might just be affecting the reality around them! So if you see that dirty sock on your floor moving, be careful! There might be a shark hiding in there! Not sure where your vegetables went? The Aspariguys might have freed those captives! Fans of Saturday morning cartoons will love the heartwarming antics of this crew!

$26.20 (inc. GST)