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Marvel Legendary – Noir Deck-Building Game Expansion

Mystery, secrets, and betrayal. Legendary �s 12th expansion steps into a universe where superpowers are replaced by gritty stories. This 100 card small box expansion hosts Heroes, Schemes, and Villains in a way never before seen in the Legendary universe. This is Legendary: Noir.

$44.99 (inc. GST)

Marvel Legendary – Champions Deck-Building-Game Expansion

Features the all-new superhero team The Champions: Ms Marvel, Nova, Viv Vision, Totally Awesome Hulk and Gwenpool

$44.99 (inc. GST)

Marvel Legendary – The Infinity Saga Deck-Building-Game

Powerful Marvel favorites join the fight against Thanos and the Black Order. New cards will feature images which capture the epic scope of the popular Infinity Saga films. * Requires a Marvel Legendary Core Set to play.

$49.99 (inc. GST)

Marvel Legendary – Venom Deck-Building Game Expansion

Expand your Legendary experience with all-new poisoned and venomized versions of your favorite heroes and villains! Help Venom and Carnage devour their way through the Marvel Universe, on a collision course with new epic masterminds like Poison Thanos! The game will feature 5 new heroes, 2 new villain groups, 2 new masterminds and 4 new schemes. The return of fan-favorite keywords like Excessive Violence, as well as some all new game mechanics and new twists on some old ones! Watch out when a Symbiote villain ambushes the city - they might bond with another villain to create a powerful adversary! This set includes stunning pieces from talented artists like Iban Coello and Matthew Yackey, and their talents can also be enjoyed within the pages of Marvel's Venomverse Comics!

$44.99 (inc. GST)