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Exorcise your destiny in an era-spanning supernatural adventure from manga legend Rumiko Takahashi! When Nanoka is transported back in time to a supernatural early 20th century, she gets recruited by aloof exorcist Mao. What thread of fate connects them? Together, they seek answers...and kick some demon butt along the way! Our friends ponder if past abuse explains or justifies bad behavior in the present. A battle against Renji and Mei raises another conundrum-is Nanoka's sword, Akanemaru, an asset or a liability? Then, two thieves are pulled into a mysterious bag by a disembodied hand! Is it the last body part Natsuna has been searching for? Plus, the return of Byoki the cat demon...

$18.50 (inc. GST)

MAO GN VOL 13 (MR) (C: 0-1-2)

One of our friends confesses to setting the Goko clan treasure house on fire centuries ago. But why? Then, Mao has a revelation about Byoki the demon cat, the gang takes on a corrupt polluting industrialist, and Mei, the guardian of the Garden of Longevity, reveals new facets to her personality. Plus, a mysterious water wielder appears. Whose side are they on? For older teen audiences.

$18.50 (inc. GST)