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Am I Actually the Strongest? 4 (light novel)

The original light novel series of the popular isekai manga!Reincarnated in an alternate world where magic rules all, Haruto Zenfis has one goal in life: to be a lazy shut-in and watch anime all day. And he will spare no effort to achieve it. Thanks to his little sister Charlotte and her crew (with a bit of boost from her favorite superhero Shiva), the kingdom is saved from evil. Haruto can finally go back to plotting the best way to get expelled from school—that is, until he realizes that his meticulous plan has a blindside! With a new-and-improved plan in place, he must put his magical skills to the test. Volume four of the comedy-packed series by Sai Sumimori!

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With Shinobu’s return, new battles begin on two fronts. As the Afflicting Cat crosses claws with the Tyrannical Tiger, Koyomi and Seishiro throw down to see who will remain Kiss-Shot’s thrall. Now, with their lives on the line and the fate of the world at stake, who will prevail in these double duels of dual realities?

$22.70 (inc. GST)

Blood on the Tracks 15

From the creator who brought you notable works such as The Flowers of Evil, Happiness, and Inside Mari, comes his latest suspense drama centering on the theme of a toxic parent.Dive into this latest thriller by master storyteller, Shuzo Oshimi."..if you enjoyed Oshimi's previous work with "Flowers of Evil", and you enjoy dark storylines with twisted characters, you'll no doubt enjoy "Blood on the Tracks"! Recommended!" - Neo Tokyo 2099 Having finally found himself free to end it all, Seiichi is pulled back from the brink by a telephone call from the police: "We have your mother in protective custody." Facing Seiko for the first time in twenty years, Seiichi finds an old woman who neither recognizes him nor seems to fully recognize herself. And yet, during their strange reunion, her memories return. Seiichi's rage erupts, but he cannot bring himself to strike the woman who plagued his thoughts all

$22.70 (inc. GST)

Compound Cinematics (paperback)

Any list of Japan’s greatest screenplay writers would feature Shinobu Hashimoto near or at the top. This memoir, focusing on his collaborations with Akira Kurosawa, a gifted scenarist in his own right, offers an indispensable insider account and invaluable insights into the unique process that is writing for the screen. Now in paperback, Compound Cinematics also stands as a moving reckoning of sorts.The vast majority of Kurosawa’s oeuvre was filmed from screenplays that the director co-wrote with a stable of stellar scenarists. Among these was the author, who caught the filmmaker’s attention with a script that eventually turned into Rashomon, and who went on to play an integral part in developing and writing two of the grandmaster’s crowning jewels—Ikiru and Seven Samurai—and other cineaste favorites.The late Shinobu Hashimoto (1918-2018) penned numerous films of note for other directors as well, including Harakiri for Masaki Kobayashi, Mount Hakkoda for Shiro Moritani, and

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Lovely Muco! 3

In the beautiful mountains of Akita stands GLASS STUDIO amato, run by Mr. Komatsu and the shiny-nosed dog who loves him—MUCO!!Lovely Muco! is a story that depicts the lovely everyday life of Komatsu-san, a glassmith, and his pet dog Muco. Shiba breed Muco's wish is that Komatsu-san could become a dog!

$29.70 (inc. GST)

Medaka Kuroiwa Is Impervious to My Charms 3

A rom-com between a stoic monk in training vs the cutest girl in high school! Who will win in this heated battle of wills?Mona Kawai is in a pickle. She’s still one boy-toy short of completing her high school collection, and the holdout, Medaka Kuroiwa, is proving more difficult to conquer than she’d ever imagined. To make matters worse, there’s now a talented new contender threatening to undo all her hard work and swipe his heart out from under her: Asahi Shonan. So when Medaka comes down with a cold, Mona knows this opportunity to pay a healing home visit is just what the doctor ordered. But the thing about fevers is, once the heat takes over, it can make you do or say the most unlikely things… 16+

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Inhuman beings hide among us. Tokyo, 2048. The northern hemisphere is now connected by the Eurasian Railroad, which deposits all manner of crime and vice here at its eastern terminus. Night after night, the megalopolis is gripped by fear as bodies turn up mutilated in ways unthinkable for a human assailant. Remorseless killers stalk the shadows—but one man stalks them! He is ORIGIN. And he is not what he seems.

$22.70 (inc. GST)

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement 3 (light novel)

The board game tournament is finally over, and Mitsuha’s General Store is open for business...occasionally, anyway! Actually, Mitsuha’s going to be away from the capital for quite some time, now that she’s been attached to a diplomatic delegation?! She’s already got a lot on her plate, but she can’t very well ignore a command from the king himself…And so Viscountess Mitsuha von Yamano, aka the Lightning Archpriestess, sets off with Sabine and Colette in tow... But with a fully-equipped RV—not to mention Mitsuha’s world-jumping power—it’s not exactly going to be an arduous journey. Delicate negotiations, handsome princes, and bandit raids await as the girls leave their kingdom and their comfort zone for the first time!!

$26.20 (inc. GST)

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen (manga) 2

What price would you pay to come out on top? After a devastating attack on Guren’s ­high school, war has officially broken out between his family’s mortal enemies, the Order of the Imperial Demons, and their rival syndicate, the Brotherhood of a ­Thousand Nights. Amidst the chaos, Guren’s childhood love Mahiru Hiragi leaves him with a chilling prophecy: this year, at Christmas, the world will come to an end.In his struggle to decipher the riddle and piece together a path to survival, Guren is forced to relinquish his last illusions of freedom and serve the Imperial Demons’ presumptive heir. But when Guren’s first orders dispatch him and his friends on a mission straight into the jaws of all-but certain death, he must decide whether to abandon his ambitions and live to see another day or make a deal with the devil destined to send him down a one-way road to hell.

$43.70 (inc. GST)

Spring Comes Riding in a Carriage

A more intimate and romantic entry in the Maiden's Bookshelf series, this tale of doomed romance brings together the so-called "God of Literature" with the gorgeous artwork of Atsuki Ito, author of A Love-Letter in 26 Characters.“I can't imagine how wonderful it will be to die...” Confined to a sickbed by the seaside, a woman waits for death as her husband nurses her. This is no tragic idyll, however; the space between them is filled with antagonism, fear, suspicion, pain...and love.Riichi Yokomitsu brings a bitingly realistic sensibility to this claustrophobic tale of love and death, asmoving as it is agonizing.

$35.00 (inc. GST)

The Darwin Incident 01

A NIGHTMARE UNFOLDS!! WHO CAN CHARLIE PROTECT—AND AT WHAT COST?!Charlie—half human, half chimpanzee—has just entered high school. His parents simply want a normal life for him, but the terrorist group known as the Animal Liberation Alliance has other ideas. In spite of everything, Charlie's new friend Lucy is doing her best to help him fit in—until every parent's worst nightmare strikes Shrews High...!

$24.95 (inc. GST)

The Darwin Incident 2

A NIGHTMARE UNFOLDS!! WHO CAN CHARLIE PROTECT—AND AT WHAT COST?!Charlie—half human, half chimpanzee—has just entered high school. His parents simply want a normal life for him, but the terrorist group known as the Animal Liberation Alliance has other ideas. In spite of everything, Charlie's new friend Lucy is doing her best to help him fit in—until every parent's worst nightmare strikes Shrews High...!

$22.70 (inc. GST)

The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping (paperback)

THE WAGES OF CYNICISM A battle-tested project leader at PR firm Cyberplan and a slippery bachelor, Sakuma is smug self-regard personified. But when his idea for a mini-theme park is dismissed as vacuous by client Nissei Auto, he’s met his match: Katsuragi, an heir and executive at the global carmaker who believes life is but a game. Once the man’s daughter teams up with Sakuma in a bid to come into her inheritance sooner rather than later…it’s time for a good ol’ kidnapping!

$26.20 (inc. GST)

Virgin Love 1

“Looking for love, but afraid you’ll never find it?” Come Live at the Love House!Six strangers, one house, one shared goal: love. What could go wrong?Successful, well-liked, and beautiful, twenty-six-year-old working woman Shoko Shoji seems to have it all. But behind her picture-perfect exterior is a secret that haunts her: to her chagrin, Shoko is still a virgin. Tired of making excuses for her total lack of dating experience, she signs up to live in the Love House, an experimental program seeking to test if six young singles can find romance under one shared roof. But will this change of pace be enough to help Shoko ditch her v-card for good, or will the trauma of her first broken heart jinx her forever to a life without love?

$22.70 (inc. GST)

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 4

Let the Party BeginThe much-awaited Battler Party is finally here, and Iruma and the demons of the Magical Apparatus Research Battler are ready to blast the competition away. But when a surprise shakes Babyls to its core and threatens to upend all the festivities, it’s up to Iruma and his friends to find the culprit before time runs out. Unfortunately for them, true evil may be lurking closer than they think...

$22.70 (inc. GST)