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It’s all about family in The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 2, as Clover Press and The Library of American Comics bring this early entry into the series’ standardized format. That means larger pages in a book that looks great on the shelf with its companions. Between the covers, the spotlight’s on Junior Tracy as he and his biological father cross paths with the notorious “Stooge” Viller and his sister, Maxine. Then “Big Boy” leaves Junior hospitalized before “Confidence” Dolan locks the boy in the can. Dick Tracy’s subsequent encounter with secret operative J. Scotland Bumpsted puts the evil Larceny Lu on the run to California. There she meets Junior’s long-lost mother, who gives Junior a Scotty pup named Oscar and Tracy a way to bring villainous Boris Arson to justice. Chester Gould’s high-octane stories set pulses raising and hearts beating faster in the reformatted, super-sized, all-action The Complete Dick Tracy

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Collecting all five acclaimed issues of THE GIMMICK, a Coen Brothers–style dark comedy from AHOY Comics, writer Joanne Starer (Sirens of the City; Away From Here) and artist Elena Gogou (Quests Aside). Every wrestler needs a good gimmick: a colorful in-ring persona that dazzles the crowd. Then there’s wrestling champ Shane Bryant. Shane’s a “nice guy” who floats through life with no repercussions and a forgettable gimmick. But Shane’s been keeping a life-changing secret: he has super strength. And when he accidentally punches his fist straight through his opponent’s brain—in front of 2.4 million horrified viewers—everything changes. Now Shane needs a new gimmick—and a new life. “Back-breaking laughs and shin-cracking action…plus a lot of heart. The Gimmick has it all!” —Patton Oswalt

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