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Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! 09

It’s complicated: A thirty-year-old virgin gets more than he bargained for when his newfound magical power reveals he’s the object of his male coworker’s affections!Adachi and Kurosawa are engaged, and everything’s going well. During these peaceful, happy days, Kurosawa looks back over his time with Adachi...Meanwhile, novelist Tsuge makes a once-in-a-lifetime love confession to Minato, a younger aspiring dancer. However, Minato ghosts him?!

$26.20 (inc. GST)

Eerie Archives Volume 3

Cousin Eerie is back with a casket full of blood-chilling tales of terror and the macabre!Eerie magazine was one of the finest horror comics magazines ever published, and the original issues are expensive and hard to find. Eerie Archives Volume 3 presents another collection of fearful fables in a value-priced softcover format by a host of comics greats, including Archie Goodwin, Joe Orlando, Angelo Torres. Jeffrey Jones, and more. Includes adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” and “Masque of the Red Death.” Foreword by Gail Simone.Collects Eerie magazine issues #11–#15.

$43.70 (inc. GST)


The last time Earth's heroes encountered the Beyonder, they fought for their lives. This time, they fight for all existence! A year after kidnapping the most powerful beings on Earth and pitting them against one another in a "Secret War" on a distant world, the omnipotent Beyonder comes to Earth to continue his study of humanity. However, a being so powerful and so naive is a dangerous combination. As the Beyonder's understanding slowly grows, so too do his own desires - and even the lord of lies, Mephisto, fears what the Beyonder might ultimately decide those desires are! Because if the Beyonder decides he wants to end all that is, even the combined might of the universe's cosmic powers may not be enough to stop him! Collecting SECRET WARS II #1-9.

$61.20 (inc. GST)


The Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters reach their journey's end! But before they go their separate ways, they must survive the manipulations of Tenebrae - and venture into the Microverse! And no trip there is complete without an emotionally charged battle against Psycho-Man! The Surfer feels the heat of Firelord's fury, and the long-imprisoned Millennius is powerful enough to cause problems for both the Sentinel of the Spaceways and the God of Thunder! Then, when Galactus' unceasing hunger drives him mad, he once again comes to destroy Earth! As Marvel's greatest heroes face the ultimate cosmic threat, the Surfer makes the greatest sacrifice of all! Plus: Doctor Doom steals the Power Cosmic in a retelling of a classic Surfer tale! Collecting SILVER SURFER (1987) #1/2 and #139-146, SILVER SURFER/THOR ANNUAL '98, GALACTUS THE DEVOURER #1-6, and SILVER SURFER: LOFTIER THAN MORTALS #1-2.

$78.70 (inc. GST)


Ororo Munroe is just getting started! She's been a thief, a goddess and a leader of the X-Men - and with her mutant ability to control the weather bolstered by her top-notch fighting skills, Storm is a formidable opponent like no other. But in this all-new adventure set during the fan-favorite time when she was rocking leather and a mohawk, Ororo will be tested to the limit - and beyond! As Storm tries to balance her responsibilities to the X-Men, her difficult relationship with Kitty Pryde and even a new love interest, her powers begin to create deadly weather that threatens to tear it all asunder! Lurking in the eye of the storm is the dangerous villain named Blowback - and when their mind-blowing secret is revealed, it will push Storm and the X-Men to the breaking point! Collecting STORM (2023) #1-5.

$31.50 (inc. GST)

The Art of Skull and Bones

**On sale date subject to change. Release to be timed with game release.**An oversize, full color, hardcover cataloging art from the development of Skull and Bones.Experience the journey from outcast to infamous pirate in The Art of Skull and Bones! Explore life on the Indian Ocean with this high-end coffee table book featuring never-before-seen art and discover a world filled with beauty and danger.  Dark Horse and Ubisoft invite readers to enter a perilous paradise with The Art of Skull and Bones, a bounty of concept art and creator commentary detailing the perilous adventures that await on the high waters!

$80.00 (inc. GST)

The EC Archives: The Haunt of Fear Volume 3

Delight in fright!Now in value-priced softcover format, the third volume of the EC Archives collection of The Haunt of Fear conjures a trove of unforgettable nightmares, featuring fables of fear from comics giants Al Feldstein, William Gaines, Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen, Jack Davis, George Evans, and others. Includes adaptations of the Ray Bradbury stories “The Coffin!” and “The Black Ferris!”Collects The Haunt of Fear issues #13–#18.

$35.00 (inc. GST)


The complete Brood Saga! An X-Men extravaganza up there with the very best, blending space opera - featuring the X-Men, the Starjammers and the Shi'ar - with disgusting parasites from the outer limits of the universe in the form of the deadly and sadistic alien Brood! Featuring art by X-icons Dave Cockrum and Paul Smith, it's an action-packed adventure with a visual majesty that will leave you awed. Then, the X-Men encounter the darker side of the Marvel Universe in stories that pit them against Dracula and take them to Belasco's mysterious realm of Limbo! Chris Claremont crafts each story - and tops it all off with a character-defining tale that shows us Professor X and Magneto as allies before their philosophical fallout that would reshape mutantkind's future! Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #154-167, X-MEN ANNUAL (1970) #6 and SPECIAL EDITION X-MEN #1.

$78.70 (inc. GST)