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Baltimore Omnibus Volume 2

Lord Baltimore’s quest for vengeance against the Red King escalates in the second half of the Baltimore saga, which includes a new bonus story with art by Ben Stenbeck!Finally armed with the identity of the being responsible for the vampire plague, Baltimore and his band of allies take on the evil around them with a new fervor. Enemies old and new, desperate battles, and strange horror await the reader as they follow Baltimore toward his ultimate destiny.From writers Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, with art by Ben Stenbeck (Hellboy, Koshchei the Deathless) and Peter Bergting (Joe Golem: Occult Detective, The Untamed) comes the culmination of the Baltimore series, collected in paperback omnibus format!Collects Baltimore: The Witch of Harju #1–#3; Baltimore: The Wolf and the Apostle #1–#2; Baltimore: The Cult of the Red King #1–#5; Baltimore: Empty Graves #1–#5; Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #1–#5 and bonus short Monstrous.

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Kill all Venoms! After being spurned by Cletus Kasady and remaking itself in Knull's image, the Carnage symbiote has been building up its powers, extracting unique abilities from villains all across the Marvel Universe. Now, at last, it is ready to traverse the Multiverse with one goal in mind: kill any and all Venoms! But why? And who is the Agent Venom battling across realities to stop it?! As Carnage's savage, symbiotic rampage through realities threatens to end the Venomverse, will Agent Venom manage to recruit enough allies to even stand a chance? Or could it be that Carnage is destined to win? Plus: Legendary creator David Michelinie brings you a classic tale in the vein of VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR - or is there more than meets the eye? And brace yourself for Kid Venom! Collecting DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE #1-5.

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Earth's Sorcerer Supreme goes intergalactic! When Stephen Strange loses his mastery of the mystic arts, Tony Stark offers a twenty-first-century solution: Search for new magic in outer space! Bizarre new spells, allies and enemies await Strange beyond the stars as he uncovers corners and secrets of the Marvel Universe never before witnessed! But he's a little out of his element traveling the galaxy - and it shows! Before long, Strange finds himself powerless, friendless and the prisoner of a hostile civilization. Thankfully, a new companion can lend a hand when the Super-Skrull swings by, wielding the Time Stone! But what shocking surprise is waiting for Stephen back on Earth? It's time to gear up, get serious and build a new arsenal - because Doctor Strange has become his own worst enemy! Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE (2018) #1-11.

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Four Gathered on Christmas Eve

Four of the top creators in comics gather to continue the Victorian tradition of ghost stories on Christmas Eve.Four tales of the bizarre and terrifying to keep you company on the cold yule night. A unique approach to the ghost story format where the creators themselves become part of the story in this deluxe edition hard cover designed by the award-winning Phil Balsman.

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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1957

Hellboy crisscrosses the globe on missions to track down demonic books, solve the sightings of mysterious creatures, and deal with restless spirits in this gripping collection of one-shots.   These stories will let readers get to know some of the human members of the B.P.R.D. and the unique talents they bring to the organization. Even Hellboy needs backup from time to time!All five issues of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1957 are collected in this paperback with writing by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson, featuring art by Mignolaverse veteran Laurence Campbell (B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know), Stephen Green (Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones), Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves), Alison Sampson (Jessica Jones), and Mike Norton (Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956), plus the short “Happy New Year, Ava Galluci” by Mignola and Ben Stenbeck, featuring colors by Dave Stewart and a bonus sketchbook section.  Collects Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1957 one-shots: Family

$35.00 (inc. GST)

Hellsing Volume 2 (Second Edition)

Kohta Hirano’s Hellsing returns in a new edition with revised translation and new graphic design.The manga that spawned the worldwide hit anime, Hellsing blends gothic horror, violent action, and dark humor in a bloody brew that has fired the imagination of otaku everywhere!Beneath the surface of the ordinary world is a maelstrom of bloodthirsty monsters and hidden political intrigues, and at the heart of the storm is the Hellsing Organization, an ancient order sworn to combat the forces of Hell. And Hellsing bring to the fight the mighty vampire lord Alucard, whose terrifying powers are needed more than ever against an army of the undead that march below the banner of the swastika!

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Art by Phil Jimenez, Jill Thompson, Paul Johnson, Tommy Lee Edwards, and others Behind the curtain of everyday existence, a vast and unholy conspiracy is at work, twisting and deforming reality to pave the way for colonization by hideous extradimensional powers. Facing this onslaught is a laughably small resistance movement scattered across space and time--a handful of subversives known as the Invisibles. Now the countdown to the final battle has begun, and soon everyone will have to make their choice: crushing, soul-rending conformity, or radical, anarchic freedom? Collects THE INVISIBLES #13-25.

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Art by Steve Pugh, Sanford Greene, Phil Hester, Scott Godlewski, and Eric Gapstur The United Order, a group of alien warriors representing all voices in the newly formed United Planets, comes to the new Justice League for help because the biggest threat to the universe is on the loose, and all roads lead to...Superman. The Justice League heads to deep space, following the trail of the most dangerous new criminal in all the galaxy. Meanwhile, on Earth, Checkmate breaks into the Hall of Justice and Black Adam declares himself leader of the League. Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #64-71.

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The fate of the Marvel Universe lies in the hands of…Loki?! He may be the "benevolent" God of Stories now, but his past as the God of Lies returns to haunt him when something ancient and powerful that he once built ends up scattered across the Ten Realms! Now, setting sail on a ship made of fingernails, the Trickster must track down its fragments to stave off Ragnarok! His epic journey begins in the ruins of Nidavellir, where the relic has been crafted into a devastatingly powerful weapon! Then, on a distant planet, will Emperor Hulkling and Wiccan put aside old grudges against their former Young Avengers teammate to aid Loki's quest? And what happens when the third shard ends up in the hands of Earth's deadliest assassin? There's a target on Loki's back, and Bullseye never misses! Collecting LOKI (2023) #1-4.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Vol. 13

Inspired the hit anime! And don't miss the spin-off manga series about Kanna, Elma, and Fafnir (also from Seven Seas)!Miss Kobayashi is your average office worker who lives a boring life, alone in her small apartment--until she saves the life of a female dragon in distress. The dragon, named Tohru, has the ability to magically transform into an adorable human girl (albeit with horns and a long tail!), who will do anything to pay off her debt of gratitude, whether Miss Kobayashi likes it or not. With a very persistent and amorous dragon as a roommate, nothing comes easy, and Miss Kobayashi's normal life is about to go off the deep end!

$22.70 (inc. GST)

Shelter for Lost Dreams

In a house of wonder, two children will learn life lessons through stories spanning across time.During his first stay with his uncle, a boy discovers the magical world that is his uncle’s house. Surrounded by eclectic antiques, a vast library of books, strange objects, and whimsical animals, he is overcome with curiosity. Here, he meets a girl who shares his sense of wonder. With his uncle’s wisdom and an enchanted gift, the children will learn important life lessons through the diverse experiences of people throughout time—from common hikers encountering an unusual creature, to a general making the final decision to end a war, and many more!

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A new series focusing on Master Yoda, and his many trials and tribulations from his long life with the Jedi OrderTo some, he was a legend. To others, he was a teacher. Now Yoda is all but forgotten, living in exile and haunted by the past. As a strangely familiar voice echoes through the swamps of Dagobah, Yoda must revisit the many lessons he has given over the years — from the days of the High Republic to the chaos of the Clone Wars! First, a desperate cry for help reaches the Jedi Council on Coruscant. How far will Yoda go to protect a community from attack? And who will come to his aid when disaster strikes? Plus, years before the Clone Wars, he asks an old friend to come teach the next generation of Jedi — Master Dooku! But with dark visions haunting one of his students, Yoda will

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The All-Nighter Volume 2

Welcome to The All-Nighter, the only diner in town run by covert superheroes (who are also secretly vampires).In the wake of Ian’s disappearance, tensions are running high at the diner. Alex and Joy are stuck covering shifts when they’d rather be out fighting bad guys. To make things worse, people start disappearing just as a new superhero team arrives in town—could the two be related?What if they’re dealing with something bigger and more dangerous than super villains—and what if Alex’s decision to become Nightshock put it all in motion?From Chip Zdarksy and Jason Loo, the Eisner award-winning team behind Afterlift, comes the second chapter of the acclaimed series about found family and a new twist on superheroes!Collects The All-Nighter #6–#10, originally published by Comixology Originals.

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Trigun Deluxe Edition

**Not final cover**Trigun is a worldwide manga and anime sensation!Trigun Deluxe Edition collects Trigun Volume 1 and 2 in a beautiful hardcover featuring nearly 700 pages of Yasuhiro’s Nightow’s signature creation, collected for the first time in its original oversized format!On the forbidding desert planet of Gunsmoke, a sixty billion double-dollar bounty hangs over the head of Vash the Stampede, a pistol-packing pacifist with a weapon capable of punching holes in a planet. Every trigger-happy psycho in creation is aiming to claim Vash dead or alive—preferably dead!—and although Vash believes in nonviolence, he won’t go down without a fight. And when Vash fights, destruction is sure to follow!This Deluxe Edition features:The original 7" X 10" page format.Faux leather cover with foil stamping and burnishing.A bookmark ribbon. Collects Trigun Volume 1 and 2.

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The Crime-Master unites a cadre of criminals to destroy Agent Venom! The villain's diabolical plan takes the war to the people closest to Flash Thompson - and forces Eddie Brock, the former Venom, to become a symbiote's host once more! But when Crime-Master's identity is revealed, Flash and Betty Brant's lives will never be the same! Then, when the Avengers task Venom with bringing in Daimon Hellstrom, a Devil's pact comes full circle - and Hell-Venom is unleashed! Can Flash regain his soul, or will he remain in Daimon's thrall forever? Plus: Flash bids farewell to New York City and heads to Philadelphia! But is something toxic on the horizon?! Collecting VENOM (2011) #17-35 and #27.1, MINIMUM CARNAGE: ALPHA, SCARLET SPIDER (2012) #10-11, and MINIMUM CARNAGE: OMEGA.

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As the Cold War thaws, celebrated superhero Jackson King and rising intelligence operative Amanda Waller battle for the soul of the agency Checkmate! Their struggle over the future of the island nation Gamorra will draw in the brilliant young reporter Lois Lane…and the world’s deadliest contractor, Deathstroke! National-security journalist Spencer Ackerman joins Evan Narcisse and […]

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Written by Dan Jurgens, Mark Waid, Chuck Dixon, Tom Joyner, and others Art by Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Darryl Banks, and others A catastrophic temporal distortion is creating chaos across the past, present, and future, leaving puzzling alterations in its wake. As villains across time rise to take advantage of the disruption, it's up to a team of time-tossed heroes to uncover the true mastermind behind the crisis before the universe itself is destroyed. Featuring a legion of heroes from the iconic to the obscure and an all-star cast of writers and artists, this watershed event left its mark on the DC Universe for years to come. Collects every chapter in the groundbreaking saga in chronological order.