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From the early days of the comics industry - like Dell, Gold Key, and Charlton Comics Group - to the indie boom of the 1990s (Adventure Comics, Epic, Innovation) - and ending on the modern-day comic giants (Dynamite Entertainment, Boom!, IDW Publishing), this full-color book tells the history of officially licensed comic book adaptations of every hit, cult, and obscure horror film to receive attention within the comic book medium. The guide spotlights iconic films and franchises and includes a visual guide to all the issues, variants, one-shots, ashcans, and more, an exhaustive tome to the history of cinematic comic adaptations.

$61.20 (inc. GST)

HORRORHOUND #100 (C: 0-1-1)

HorrorHound Magazine reaches a milestone with our 100th issue! This oversized special features a mixture of brand-new articles-as well as some of our most infamous vintage content reimagined for a new generation. This includes a retrospective on the original 1981 Sam Raimi film, Evil Dead, as well as a VHS Invasion on Vestron Video, the history of the Video Nasties, and a look at the origins of the HorrorHound itself. Special editions of Horror's Hallowed Grounds and Kitley's Krypt are paired with special guest writer contributions and much more! Additional content includes movie, toy, and comic book news.

$22.70 (inc. GST)


This special publication from HorrorHound Magazine focuses on the history of the Halloween film franchise. From John Carpenter's 1978 original, through the 1980s and 1990s sequels, Rob Zombie's remake films, and the recently produced Blumhouse trilogy. An exhaustive collector's guide to Halloween merchandise is included, with a look at every action figure, comic book, model, mask, prop, and odd piece of memorabilia imaginable from 45 years of Halloween. Plus: A Horror's Hallowed Grounds locations retrospective on the film franchise, and an artist spotlight on Jason Edmiston.

$26.20 (inc. GST)


An all-new HorrorHound special one-shot spotlights the Art of Horror! The issue kicks off with a guide to the most impressive art galleries across the world, both physical and online. The issue digs into the history of the Alternative Movie Poster scene, as well as studios like Mondo, Bottleneck Gallery, and HCG, plus the artists who make up the AMP movement. Additionally, this special includes a guide to movie poster artbooks, both theatrical and alternative posters, as well as the artists who developed all of these stunning pieces of work. From Drew Struzan and John Alvin to Jason Edmiston and Gary Pullin. Plus additional articles focused on the world of art and horror.

$10.95 (inc. GST)