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Star Wars, The Mandalorian, – Grogu 1:6 Scale Action Figure Set

"It is a foundling. By creed, it is in your care." The highly acclaimed Star Wars live action series The Mandalorian has introduced us to a widely beloved character, Grogu, the mysterious alien child pursued by bounty hunters on behalf of Imperial interests.

$229.99 (inc. GST)

Star Wars, The Mandalorian, – Mandalorian & Grogu Deluxe 1:6 Scale Action Figure Set

"Alright, pal. It's time to go. Don't be afraid." The Mandalorian, known to a few as Din Djarin, is a battle-worn bounty hunter, making his way through a dangerous galaxy in an uncertain age. After meeting the mysterious alien foundling, Din took the young Grogu in his care and was quested to reunite him with its own kind through a series of adventures and dangerous missions.

$569.99 (inc. GST)