Pre-Order Policy

Thank you for pre-ordering with CHAOS POP’s convenient PRE-ORDER service.

You may or may not be aware, but we order all our stock 2 MONTHS in advance from the USA via PREVIEWS. Previews is the official product catalogue from our primary distributor, Diamond. The catalogue is released monthly and features products available roughly 2 months from the time of that catalogues release. For example the June Catalogue will feature Items available throughout August. Previews provides us with an opportunity to check out new titles and a get sneak peek at upcoming storylines  – plus you get the scoop on a ton of other awesome products available to order.

Now as we mentioned before, we order all our stock 2 months in advance, but as you will see, there are thousands of new products available and we simply have no idea of gauging just how many copies to order for our shelves or what YOU may be expecting us to stock. Therefore, by placing your pre-orders with us, you ensure yourself a copy of a new release on its release date AND you help us gauge the popularity of a series.

Copies of Previews Magazine are available

  • As a physical copy, available for purchase in store or shipped to you.
  • Through the PREVIEWS APP available on most phones and tablets (paid)

You can also browse items available via PREVIEWS WORLD website. Please bear in mind these items are listed in the US cover price and that you will need to place your order via our website, as Previews do not sell direct to public. In the future we hope to provide you with even more convenient ways to place your pre-orders!

We have created this easy to use form, which lists products available to be shipped to us here in Australia, simply click the box next to the title and fill out your details below. Please be patient with the form and be sure to only click ‘Order+Pay’ once, as there may be a slight delay with the page processing.

The screen will change and notify you that your order was successful and a copy of your transaction will arrive in your email inbox.

You don’t need to create an account with us to place an order, but if you do have an account – please don’t be alarmed when you pre-order doesn’t appear in the ‘Your Orders’ section, as only orders placed via our primary online store appear here, NOT your monthly pre-order form.

You can choose between paying the full amount or 50% now and the remaining amount payable when you visit our store to pick up your order. We’ll notify you via text or email when your item has arrived.

If you’d prefer to have your pre-orders delivered, we are happy to arrange this with you.

We’ll contact you to organize payment for the outstanding amount and the shipping costs. Unfortunately, we can’t calculate shipping costs via our pre-order form.

As a special reward for actually bothering to read this, you are rewarded with a coupon code (CHAOSPREVIEWS) which you can enter on that page to receive a special discount.

If you paid a deposit for your orders and then refuse to answer our calls or emails, please be aware that you may forfeit your deposit. If we’ve had your items in store for over 60+ days and we haven’t seen or heard from you. Then unfortunately we have to choice but to put your items on our shelves and pray we recoup our money that way. This is why we charge deposits, so that you don’t order hundreds of dollars worth of stock only to ghost us! That kind of thing can cause serious harm to family run retail business in its first year of business. If you are experiencing some extraordinary financial hardship and need a little more time, just reach out to us and we’ll do our best to reach an arrangement with you.

Terms and Conditions

  • All items must be paid for in advance by the customer when this order form is lodged with Chaos Pop Culture. Alternatively, a 50% deposit may be made, with the remaining balance paid when the items are picked up. If you opt to have your items shipped, we will contact you via the methods described in the order form to settle the balance.
  • The customer is responsible to Chaos Pop Culture for providing correct and current address/contact details.
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, after a 2-month period of non-contact with the customer, Chaos Pop may dispose of any orders/monies held.
  • This order form is a contract between Chaos Pop Culture and the customer. The Customer shall take receipt of any ordered items when they arrive. All orders are on a firm sale basis and any cancellations will be at the sole discretion of Chaos Pop Culture.
  • You can pick up your orders from our store or have them mailed to you. If the customer selects the Delivery option, that customer agrees to pay any additional postage and handling costs incurred by Chaos Pop mailing those items to them. All items are mail securely packed and in good condition. If the customer wishes to insure their mailings from damage in transit, the additional postal insurance fee will be charged to the customer’s account each mailing. There are no charges to the customer to pick up from the store.
  • If for any reason the item becomes unavailable or the product is unable to ship, we will cancel the order and issue a credit for the amount already paid.  Please note the current release date scheduled for each item, you may find some items are solicited further in advance than normal.
  • You must be 18 years or older to order products that are indicated or implied to be ADULTS ONLY, Unless customer have written permission/signature of your parent/guardian. Any unauthorised purchases made through false or misleading information supplied by the customer, will not be deemed the fault of Chaos Pop or its employees.
  • It is the understanding of Chaos Pop Culture that, when you complete and return this order form, that you have read, understood and agree to the terms laid out above.