CHAOS POP provides pop culture fanatics all the latest and coolest pop culture paraphernalia including Comic books, Manga, Toys, Video Games, Statues, Clothing, Posters, Collectables and more.

Chaos Pop is a West Australian Family owned business managed by local entertainer and eccentric,  Laith Tierney. Laith has proudly assembled a friendly and experienced customer service team, who bring years of knowledge and a deep love for pop culture to the store.  We hope you find your exchange with the team to be a fun, helpful and memorable one.

In July 2019, Chaos Pop opened at 3/1397 Albany Highway, Cannington and has since become sacred ground for many Perth nerds. Cannington is open 7 days a week and offers the full range of products you might find on our website and more! Our store boasts a huge range of back issues (older comics) and features a growing selection of retro gaming and vintage toys.

Our website is loaded with all the latest pre-orders and in-stock items. But you will find much much more in our stores.. So make sure you pay our friendly staff a visit!

We believe there is something nerdy for EVERYONE and strive to provide customers with a diverse range of entertaining and exciting products for all ages, genders and backgrounds.